ACEC 2017 Annual Conference

Concurrent Educational Sessions


Monday, April 24

11am-12:15pm              Concurrent Sessions

Harness Your Knowledge Potential 

Darryl Williamson, BST Global

Create a workplace culture that encourages and fosters knowledge sharing and collaboration among staff.


ESOP as an Ownership Transition Option

Joe Skorczewski, Chartwell ; Howard Kaplan, First Bankers Trust Services

Designed for those evaluating an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) as a potential ownership transition alternative; an overview of the advantages, disadvantages, pitfalls and risks of ESOPs, why ESOPS are prevalent in the engineering industry, and case studies of successful transitions to ESOPs.  


Opportunities and Challenges in Non-Traditional Redevelopment Projects

Jim Hencke, David Evans and Associates; Jim Durrett, Buckhead Community Improvement District

Explore “out of the box” development opportunities of non-traditional projects that range from highway deck parks to repurposing of obsolete buildings.


Mega-Trends and Market Opportunities in Energy

Yvonne Castillo, Victor O. Schinnerer & Co., Inc.; Manisha D. Patel, WSP | Parsons Brinckerhoff; Clay Walton, Harris Group

The state/local energy landscape is fast changing the fundamental layout of the US electric system, including how it’s distributed across the grid. Learn how firms can take advantage of this transition toward a clean energy economy using mixed project portfolios and improved business models. 


DOD Market Opportunities for FY17 and Beyond: The Services' Perspective

Scott Wich, USACE; COL Charlie Kuhl, AFCEC; CAPT Scott Loeschke, MCI-COM; Jim Balocki, DASN Installation & Facilities

With the recent release of the Administration's FY17 $33B Supplemental to Congress, and the outline for the proposed $54B bump for DOD topline, this is a critical panel to hear directly from the Service representatives.  Leadership from teh Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps will provide overviews on potential programmatic impact to Facilities and Infrastructure.


2:15pm-3:30pm             Concurrent Sessions

No Disputing It: Risk Mitigation Strategies from an AE Litigator

Tyler Ferguson, Newforma; Brent Gurney, Wilmer Hale

Explore best practices to reduce risk when managing project data including email.


Top 10 Metrics for High Performing A/E Firms

Megan Miller, Deltek

Learn key financial metrics that firms should monitor regularly (and benchmark against) to increase firm growth.


Retain Top Performing Employees with Recognition Programs

June Jewell, AEC Business Solutions

Firms with effective recognition programs outperform their competition by as much as 50%. Learn how recognition programs improve morale, increase employee performance and retention.  


NAECE Session I: Overview of Antitrust Law for Association Executives

Moderator: Charles Kim, ACEC; Andrew E. Bigart, Venable LLP

ACEC’s antitrust counsel, Andrew Bigart of Venable LLP, and General Counsel Charles Kim will provide an overview of real-world association antitrust issues and how staff can deal with them, including topics that can lead to antitrust violations; recommended means by which to avoid or curtail such discussions; and antitrust issues that arise in connection with membership, services, surveys, and other association activities.


Markets Opportunities in Federal Horizontal Infrastructure (USACE, USDA & DHS)

Kellie Kubena, USDA—Rural Development Administration, Moderator: William Stout, Gannett Fleming.

With new Administrative priorities, learn how new and ongoing projects will be affected in this environment.


4pm-5:15pm                  Concurrent Sessions

Why Buy? Documents and Data in a Subscription Economy

Moderator: David Stickney, ARC Document Solutions; Jim Walsh, WSP | Parsons Brinckerhoff; Marhsall O'Keefe, Harley Ellis Deveraux 

Learn to use subscription services for data, documents, and services to dramatically reduce overhead costs, eliminate depreciating assets from their balance sheets, integrate documents and data on the same cloud, streamline information workflows, and collaborate more effectively.


Developing an Internal Culture to Better Manage Firm Risk

Michael Strogoff, Strogoff Consulting

Practical and actionable ideas to help you negotiate effective contract terms, screen projects for possible pursuit, manage client expectations, improve quality control, and develop staff with strong risk management orientation.


NAECE Session II: How to Be the Authoritative Voice on Important Issues within the Engineering Community and at the State Level

Chris McGoff & Cara Valentino, The Clearing, Inc

Be recognized as a leading authority on the causes that matter to your members. Learn how to communicate complex issues through compelling messages and narratives.  


Market Opportunities in Federal Vertical Infrastructure (DOS OBO, VA)

Moderator: Philios Angelides, Alpha Corp; Dennis Milsten, VA

Explore the $2.2B market opportunity with U.S. Department of State and the ongoing opportunity with the Veterans Affairs


CFO Roundtable

Moderator: Chris Staloch, Chartwell; Chuck Kemp, POWER; David Chambers, Delta; Laura Rosenbaum, Taylor Engineering

An open discussion of current topics and industry trends. 


Tuesday, April 25

9am-10am                     Concurrent Sessions

CIO Roundtable: IT Leadership

Mike Anders, Braun Intertec; Andy Knauf, Mead & Hunt; Eric Quinn, C&S Companies; Moderator: Jim Walsh, WSP | Parsons Brinckerhoff

Lessons learned from navigating some of the biggest technology challenges in the AE industry; strategies in knowledge management, change management, and interaction between IT and workplace culture.


Architects Roundtable: Restoring the Washington Monument

Emma Cardini & Martina Driscoll, Wiss, Janney, Elstner Assoc., Inc.

After a category 5.8 earthquake damaged the Washington Monument in 2011, engineers came armed with mountain climbing equipment to restore and repair it.  Hear from two team members about their work on the world’s tallest stone structure.


10:30am-11:45am          Concurrent Sessions

Confronting Escalating Threats to Cybersecurity

Andy Knauf, Mead & Hunt; Dora Mandadjiev, WSP | Parsons Brinckerhoff

It isn’t a question of “if”, but “when” you’ll experience a cyber-attack. Learn the proven measures other CIOs have taken in order to protect your firm from inevitable assault. 


Sustainable Ownership Models

Paul Halverson, Chartwell

Long-term ownership transition strategies to ensure your firm is not compromised. 


Community Involvement and the Ethics of Running a Firm

Mike McMeekin, Lamp, Rynearson & Associates; Terry Neimeyer, KCI Technologies, Inc.; William M. Stout, Gannett Fleming, Inc.

This session focuses on the issues of business ethics, particularly as they relate to our corporate social responsibilities in the communities we serve.  


How to Expand your Business to Latin American

Panel of Experts


Nurturing Engineering Talent for the Digital Age

Justhy Deva Prasad, Claritysquare Technology GmbH

The right data strategy - and the right people on-board - is essential to today’s data driven business environment. Learn how to harness the power of data, through developing - and retaining - talented professionals who create value, strategize, and increase revenue.  


1:45pm-3pm                  Concurrent Sessions

Managing the Complexity of Mobile Devices and Authentication

Moderator: Jim Walsh, Parsons | Brinckerhoff; Markus Weidner, Pennoni; Jim Jacobi, Walter P Moore; Steve Ross, Thornton Thomasetti

Listen to how technology experts address mobile devices present challenges of security, authentication, diverse platforms, and the blurring of personal and professional worlds.


Acquisition Integration: Lessons Learned from Serial Acquirers

Kevin J. McMahon and Bill Siegel, McMahon|Siegel Group

Anyone with enough money can buy a firm, but for an acquirer the real money comes in the first 24 months following the acquisition.  Smooth the integration process with effective and valuable techniques to enhance value creation while protecting your acquisition ROI.  


Managing Successful Multidisciplinary Teams

Moderator: Jason Chandler, Epstein; Jeffery P. McBride, EBL Engineers, Inc.; Bruce Faudree, Mason & Hanger; Todd Hay, Pennoni

Architecture and engineering experts discuss better ways for project teams to achieve on-time delivery with greater efficiency and profitability.


How New Marketing Technologies and Social Media are Transforming A/E Business Development

Karl Feldman, Hinge

Invest in social media, content marketing, and marketing automation resources to improve your online business development.


3:30pm-4:45pm             Concurrent Sessions

The Changing Landscape of IT

Moderator: Jim Walsh, WSP | Parsons Brinckerhoff; Jim Jacobi, Walter P Moore; Andy Knauf, Mead & Hunt; Steve Ross, Thornton Thomasetti

The role of IT in firms has evolved from providing simple tools to developing strategies for effective management of new technology resources. Technology leaders will show how they have adapted and remained agile in the ever-changing role within their firm. 


How to Avoid “Commoditization” and Increase Margins

Doug Reed, FosterGrowth

High profits and morale are impossible if your services decline to commodity status. Define opportunities and reveal steps to position yourself for financial success and a happier workplace.  


How Developing Strategic Thinkers Impacts Your Bottom Line

John Geddie, Geddie and Associates, Inc.

Strategic thinkers “connect the dots” to solve problems and meet challenges. Employees with this approach to their work are uniquely qualified to add value to clients. Learn how you can create a workforce of strategic thinkers to build long-lasting client relationships.


Wednesday, April 26

9am-10:15am                Concurrent Sessions

Case Study in Multimodal Transportation Development: Cook County, Illinois

John Yonan, Cook County Department of Transportation and Highways

Cook County is making long-term improvements to its transit center to accommodate growth with a state-of-the-art, multimodal facility. This transportation development model offers new opportunities that A/E firms can leverage as more municipalities invest in transportation to boost the economic health in their communities.


Help Your Technical Professionals Become Business Development Rock Stars

Jennifer Newman, Ignite Coaching & Consulting; Donna Corlew, C*Connect

Do you employ a doer-seller model of business development?  Change how your technical professionals look at business development, and how your firm leaders look at BD performance. Uncover high-potential, BD Rock Stars you may already have on staff.


Evolving P3 Markets: Current and Anticipated Changes 

Jennifer Hara, IP3; Steve Niparko, Aon Risk Solutions; Sallye Perrin, WSP | Parsons Brinckerhoff; Jill Jamieson, JLL

As P3s gain traction across infrastructure markets, firms needs to know various contracting alternatives, opportunities and challenges, risks and liabilities.