ACEC Past Chairmen/Presidents

AICE Presidents
CEC/US Presidents
ACEC Chairmen/Presidents

AICE Presidents

Alfred P. Boller, 1910-11
Alfred Noble, 1912-13
Frank J. Sprague, 1914-15
Elmer L. Corthell, 1915-16
George Gibbs, 1916-17
Lewis B. Stillwell, 1918-19
Alexander C. Humphreys, 1920-22
Charles W. Leavitt, 1923-24
Wilson S. Kinnear, 1924-25
H. deB. Parsons, 1926
Frederic H. Fay, 1927
John Franciss Coleman, 1928
Charles T. Main, 1929
F. A. Molitor, 1930-31
Charles Page Perin, 1932-33
George W. Burpee, 1934-35
Edwin F. Wendt, 1936-37
Dugald C. Jackson, 1938-39
Philip W. Henry, 1940
Ole Singstad, 1941
Malcolm Pirnie, 1942
R. E. Bakenhus, 1943
Harold E. Wessman, 1944
E. Rowland Hill, 1945
Enoch R. Needles, 1946
George S. Armstrong, 1947

Walter W. Colpitts, 1948
Ezra B. Whitman, 1949
Leslie G. Holleran, 1950
Ernest P. Goodrich, 1951
Carroll A. Farwell, 1952
Scott Turner, 1953-54
Francis S. Friel, 1955
Carlton S. Proctor, 1956
Edward H. Anson, 1957
Herschel H. Allen, 1958
George S. Richardson, 1959
Richard H. Tatlow, III, 1960
Gerald T. McCarthy, 1961
Gilbert I. Ross, 1962
James P. Exum, 1963
Mason G. Lockwood, 1964
Samuel P. Brown, 1965
John G. Hoad, 1966
Richard O. Walker, Jr., 1967
Richard Hazen, 1968
George E. Brandow, 1969
Robert B. Richards, 1970
Carl L. Erb, 1971
Richard Q. Praeger, 1972
Wilson V. Binger, 1973

CEC/US Presidents

John K. M. Pryke, 1956-57
Edward J. Wolff, 1957-58
Charles C. Pate, 1958-59
Ralph M. Westcott, 1959-60
Hueston M. Smith, 1960-61
Harold P. King, 1961-62
Lester L. Bosch, 1962-63
Sanford K. Fosholt, 1963-64
William W. Moore, 1964-65

Leonard K. Crawford, 1965-66
Eugene B. Waggoner, 1966-67
Samuel A. Bogen, 1967-68
John G. Reutter, 1968-69
Art V. Maxwell, 1969-70
T. B. Robinson, 1970-71
William A. Sowers, 1971-72
N. P. Turner, 1972-73


ACEC Chairmen/Presidents

William N. Holway, 1973-74
Malcolm M. Meurer, 1974-75
Billy T. Sumner, 1975-76
Richard H. Stanley, 1976-77
William A. Clevenger, 1977-78
R. Duane Monical, 1978-79
George W. Barnes, 1979-80
Everett S. Thompson, 1980-81
William R. Ratliff, 1981-82
Russell L. Smith, Jr., 1982-83
Shelby K. Willis, 1983-84
Clifford E. Evanson, 1984-85
Arnold L. Windman, 1985-86
Lester H. Poggemeyer, 1986-87
Lester H. Smith, Jr., 1987-88
Robert E. Hogan, 1988-89
James W. Poirot, 1989-90
William D. Lewis, 1990-91
Andrew J. Parker, Jr., 1991-92
John H. Foster, 1992-93
Paul F. Sprehe, 1993-94
J. Les MacFarlane, 1994-95
Richard G. Weingardt, 1995-96

Richard G. Weingardt, 1995-96
Stanley K. Kawaguchi, 1996-97
James R. Thomas, Jr., 1997-98
Donald R. Trim, 1998-99
Leo F. Peters, 1999-2000
Arlo J. Spiess, 2000-01
Stephen G. Goddard, 2001-02
Daniel J. DeYoung, 2002-03
Eric L. Flicker, 2003-2004
William S. Howard, 2004-2005
Edward J. Mulcahy 2005-2006
Jeff M. Daggett 2006-2007
Orrin B. "Mac" MacMurray, 2007-2008
John F. Hennessy, III, 2008-2009
Timothy G. Psomas, 2009-2010
Gerald Stump, 2010-2011
Terry F. Neimeyer, 2011-2012
Ted C. Williams, 2012-2013
Gregs G. Thomopulos, 2013-2014
Richard C. Wells, 2014-2015
Ralph W. Christie, Jr, 2015-2016
Peter M. Strub, 2016-2017
Sergio A. Pecori, 2017-2018



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