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Welcome to ACEC of Louisiana, the voice of Louisiana’s engineering companies.

The American Council of Engineering Companies of Louisiana (ACEC of Louisiana) is the business association of over 150 Louisiana engineering firms providing tools and educational opportunities to become better business owners and managers.  ACEC of Louisiana is a Member Organization of the American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC).  

The organization is committed to advancing the private practice of consulting engineering, enhancing markets for private engineering services, educating the public on the importance of infrastructure investment, and promoting sound business practices within the industry and its client base.  We are committed to aggressive involvement in legislative and public sector decision-making, with a focus on protection to qualified-based selection of engineering services, expanded project delivery options, and appropriate legal and liability systems affecting the industry.  



ACEC of Louisiana is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2019 Engineering Excellence Awards


Category: Building/Technology Systems
Project: Pump Station Monitoring System
Firm: T. Baker Smith, LLC

(Photo L to R:  Jean Paul Stafford; Josh Hart; Percy Gasery, Jr., Commissioner, North Lafourche Levee District); Cory Kief, President-Board of Commissioners, North Lafourche Levee District)


Category: Structural Systems
Project: I-49 North, Segment K
Firm: TRC Engineers, Inc.

(Photo L to R:  Mike Paul; Durk Krone; Joachim Umeozulu; DOTD Secretary Shawn Wilson, Ph.D)


Category: Surveying & Mapping Technology
Project: Sunshine Bridge Emergency Repair
Firm: Forte & Tablada, Inc.


(Photo L to R: Joey Coco, Blake Bonnette, Brent Campbell, Ann Trappey, Megan Averett and DOTD Secretary Shawn Wilson, Ph.D.)


Category: Water Resources
Project: Caillou Lake Headlands
Firm: Geo Engineers, Inc./Coastal Engineering Consultants, Inc.

(Photo L to R:  Brad Miller (CPRA), David Eley (GeoEngineers), Steve Dartez (CEC), Greg Grandy (CPRA))


Category: Transportation
Project: U.S. 90
Firm: C. H. Fenstermaker & Associates, LLC


(Photo L to R: Aaron Dupont (James Construction), Luke Hebert (Fenstermaker), Dax Douet (Fenstermaker), DOTD Secretary Shawn Wilson, Ph.D)


Category: Special Projects
Project: Bogue Falaya Shoreline Protection & Paddlers Launch
Firm: Digital Engineering and Imaging, Inc.

(Photo L to R:  David Lebreton; Andrew Woodroof; Ross Liner; Mike Cooper, St. Tammany Parish)


Category: Small Projects
Project: Northeast LA Veterans Cemetery
Firm: Meyer Engineers, Ltd.

(Photo L to R:  Matt Falati; Jimmy Papia (Meyer); Terri Dupre (Meyer); Julie Baxter-Payer (La. Dept of Veterans Affairs); Billy Robbins (La. Dept. of Veterans Affairs); Mark Moses (FP&C))


Category: Industrial & Manufacturing Processes & Facilities
Project: SASOL USA Mega Project
Firm: C. H. Fenstermaker & Associates, LLC

(Photo L to R:  Jeanne Hornsby (Fenstermaker); Travis Bodin (Fenstermaker); Anna Doucet (Fenstermaker); Tristan Wilson (Barriere Construction Co., L.L.C.))


Category: Water Resources
Project: St. Joseph New Water Treatment Plant & Distribution System
Firm: H. Davis Cole & Associates, LLC

(Photo L to R:  H Davis Cole; Mayor Elvadus Fields (Town of St. Joseph); David Martin (H. Davis Cole))

Category: Transportation
Project: Bayou Gardens Blvd. Extension
Firm: T. Baker Smith, LLC

(Photo L to R:  Heidi Landry, Paul Olivier)


Category: Water Resources
Project: Water Hammer Hazard Mitigation – Elevated Storage Tanks
Firm: Stanley Consultants

(Photo L to R: Gwen Tithem; Jacob Loeske; Brady Richard; Jeff Decoteau; James Smith)


Category: Structural Systems
Project: Sunshine Bridge Emergency Repairs
Firm: Modjeski & Masters

(Photo L to R: Doreen Brasseaux, ACECL President; Jason Miles, Zolan Prucz, Jenny Fu; DOTD Secretary Shawn Wilson, Ph.D) 

Category: Water Resources
Project: Falgout Canal Freshwater Enhancement
Firm: T. Baker Smith, LLC 

(Photo L to R:  Andy Craig, ACECL Chairman; Udayan Menon, Kevan Keiser; Doreen Brasseaux, ACECL President)

Thank you to our distinguished panel of judges: 

Dr. Leslie Guice - President of La. Tech University. Holds a
Ph.d in civil engineering and a degree in architecture
Sharon Hewitt - State Senator from Slidell and mechanical engineer
Timothy Kelley - State District Judge and civil engineer
Ali Mustapha - Caddo Levee District administrator and
professional civil engineer
Ken Naquin - CEO of Louisiana Associated General Contractors



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