Designing Corporate Social Impact to Reverse Burnout, Immediately Engage Top Talent, and Grow

Wednesday, August 21, 2019 1:30 PM - 3:00 PM (Eastern Time (US & Canada))

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This online class carries 1.5 PDHs (Professional Development Hours).

Curriculum Track: Marketing & Business Development

Member Organization: National Events

Faculty: Peter C. Atherton, P.E., President and Founder, ActionsProve, LLC

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It’s a new era. What’s your firm’s strategy to drive sustainable long-term growth? What’s your ultimate measure of success? If it’s all about your business excellence and your client experience, you’ll be missing out. 

More than ever, it’s about employee success. Today, it takes more than just great projects, perks, and pay to attract, develop, and retain top talent. Top contributors seek something greater – and so do our clients. To be relevant and effective, we must design systems for true engagement, impact, and growth. And, after years of needing to do more to win in highly competitive markets, we must also take on the growing epidemic of professional burnout and disengagement.

Effective corporate impact strategies transform mindsets and cultures. They also address a cross-generational desire for more meaningful work and connections both inside and outside of the office.  Despite convincing data that well-designed programs have a high return on investment, barriers still exist for many leaders and organizations. Understanding work-life seasons and ongoing demographic and societal shifts are essential to eliminating these internal barriers and making your firm highly attractive in the workplace, marketplace, and recruiting space. As part of this class, you’ll learn: 

Learning Objectives:

  • How the hierarchy of impact compares to the hierarchy of human need and how that translates into achieving success in the “experience economy”.
  • How effective social impact fits within both “traditional” and “new era” firm growth models, and how it can work in tandem with performance-based employee engagement initiatives
  • To understand the Burnout-Disengagement Cycle, how it is impacting firms and their ability to engage, and how to prevent it.
  • The four archetypes of impact firms can model: “shareholder maximizers”, “corporate contributors”, “impact integrators”, and “social innovators”.
  • The 5-step IMPACT process that leaders and organizations can use to differentiate themselves: Inventory, Mission, Planning, Authenticity, Capacity, and Trigger.


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