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COVID-19 MEP/FP Design Resources

Re-Opening Offices - CBRE


Six Feet Office

Guide for Reopening Your    Workplace

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CAMEE Publications

Foundation Tool Description
Planning 1-1 Project Planning Guideline for MEP & FP
Abstract    |   Document Access
  1-2 Staff Workload Planning Workbook
Abstract   |    Document Access

Insurance Management
Abstract   |     Document Access

Compensation 2-1 Fee Calculation Instructions and Fee Calculation Worksheet
Abstract   |    Document Access
  2-2 Client Evaluation
Abstract   |    Document Access
  2-3 Ratio Analysis
Abstract   |    Document Access
Communication 3-1 Project Status Report
Abstract   |    Document Access
  3-2 Sample Correspondence Letters
Abstract   |    Document Access
Education   To Be Determined
Quality 5-1 Quality Assurance/Quality Control Guidelines
Abstract   |    Document Access
Submittal Checklists 6-1 Submittal Checklists
Abstract   |    Document Access
Contract Documents 7-1 An Agreement between MEP Engineer and Client for the Provision of Limited Professional Services
Abstract   |    Document Access
  7-2 An Agreement between MEP Engineer and Client for Professional Services
Abstract   |    Document Access
  7-3 An Agreement between MEP Engineer and Consulting Design Professional
Abstract   |    Document Access


Electronic Document Release
Abstract   |    Document Access



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