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2023-24 Goals

  1. Collaborate with AASHTO and FHWA on proposed revisions to the Uniform Audit & Accounting Guide; promote uniform FAR compliance, clear and accurate guidance on compensation, the elimination of overhead and salary caps, and the acceptance of single cognizant audits in every state.
  2. Identify and advance shared priorities in the implementation of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act and promote those priorities in federal and state regulatory actions.
  3. Collect and analyze information on State DOT contracting practices and trends and develop best practices for addressing targeted areas of concern, including promoting more utilization of lump sum contracting and addressing cost escalation.
  4. Equip Member Organizations and firms to effectively engage with State DOTs to eliminate the impact of a FAR credit for forgiven PPP loans.
  5. Promote long-term, sustainable revenue sources for transportation programs, including increasing federal fuel taxes, expanded tolling authority, and transition to mileage-based user fees.
  6. Monitor impact and advocate industry priorities in emerging practices and technologies, including unmanned aircraft systems, 3D modeling, and connected/automated vehicles.
  7. Develop and advance shared policies on transportation system resilience.

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