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The Fellows Committee, consisting of accomplished and recognized leaders, shall enhance the image of the profession by undertaking activities including recognition programs, outreach educational programs, assistance to associate ACEC groups, and involvement with senior management of ACEC firms.

2023-24 Goals

  1. Increase membership into the College of Fellows 10% by targeting states that do not currently have any members in the College of Fellows.
  2. Improve succession planning within the Committee of Fellows by adding 1 new committee member to each sub-committee.
  3. Administer the ACEC Individual Achievement Awards Program that encompasses: Community Service, Distinguished Award of Merit, Scholarships, Young Professionals Award.
  4. Investigate potential for a new College of Fellows Mentoring Program
  5. Work with the Research Institute on new Scholarship opportunities
  6. Promote the annual Scholarship Walk to the ACEC membership with a goal of raising $2,500
  7. Encourage participation by all Fellows in ACEC/PAC.

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