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Create best practices for active and vibrant participation of our membership utilizing virtual and in-person moderated forums to discuss topics that encourage dialogue and the sharing of diverse perspectives with the intent to better understand all points of view, shape best practices, and share information developed by the ACEC DEI&B committee.

2023-24 Goals

  1. Increase and engage staff of member firms (but particularly C-suite executives) to actively participate, encourage participation and provide resources for DEI&B forum development and attendance.
  2. Engage Member Organizations, Committees & Coalitions to provide creative ideas, opportunities, and a safe space for member engagement in DEI&B.
  3. Hold special Leadership Forums pertaining to DEI&B.
  4. Hold moderated events to ensure all perspectives are included and heard, while maintaining decorum and respect.
  5. Encourage participants in designed forums to draw out conflict by challenging viewpoints, historical norms, and emerging trends.

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