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The purpose of this Open Committee is to serve as the Council’s primary vehicle for securing new members and retaining existing members.

2023-24 Goals

  1. Ensure that ACEC national and the Member Organizations are actively and enthusiastically involved in both recruitment and retention efforts, thereby contributing to a stable and growing ACEC membership.
  2. Increase membership from a more diverse and balanced base of firms, representing varying disciplines, sizes, and client markets. Engage these members in ACEC coalitions, forums, and committees to increase retention among a diverse firm base.
  3. Broaden membership opportunities for other professional service firms from within the built environment.
  4. Support the coalitions, ACEC trusts, and other ACEC groups in their efforts to recruit members to ACEC.
  5. Work with the ENR 500 Executive Steering Committee, M.O.s, and engaged Member Firms to recruit new ENR 500 firms and the local branches of multi-state member firms.
  6. In partnership with M.O.s, drive member engagement at the state and national level in committees, coalitions, and forums. Engage all firm members from young professionals to the C-suite to be active participants in ACEC.
  7. Deliver recommendations to the ACEC Executive Committee related to future structure and activities to grow ACEC membership.
  8. Assist the Chair as needed with the M.O. Strengthening Program following its adoption.

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