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The purpose of this Open Committee is to develop industry-wide awareness, consensus and leadership positions on a wide range of issues important to engineering firms operating in water and other environmental markets; undertake a proactive legislative and regulatory advocacy program; develop public and private market programs of interest to the membership; and communicate with the ACEC membership on relevant risk management challenges to business.

2023-24 Goals

  1. Increase ACEC's visibility on the Hill on water and environmental issues through development and execution of strategies e.g., Climate and Environmental Review and Permitting.
  2. Promote the ACEC legislative and regulatory water agenda to fund and implement water infrastructure programs e.g., the Water Resources and Development Act, Clean Water Act, and Safe Drinking Water Act.
  3. Promote the ACEC legislative and regulatory emerging contaminants and remediation agenda to fund and implement relevant programs e.g., PFAS and Superfund.
  4. Promote the ACEC legislative and regulatory agenda to advance certainty of infrastructure prioritization, planning and permitting processes, e.g., NEPA.
  5. Promote ACEC interests in legislation, regulation, and communications related to climate, sustainability, and resilience such as data collection and modelling; update of codes and performance standards; and reasonable application of standards of care.
  6. Collaborate with other associations and client organizations to promote ACEC's water and environmental agenda; and support communications efforts to promote the benefits of infrastructure investment.
  7. Collaborate with ACEC coalitions, committees, and state Member Organizations to address relevant legislation, regulations, and issues of joint concern within public and private markets.
  8. Engage federal agencies (e.g., EPA, DOI, USACE, etc.) on industry priorities e.g., land and water remediation, emerging contaminants, and levee and dam risk assessment.
  9. Engage with ACEC Young Professionals to advance strategies of mutual interest, and to increase a community of engaged professionals for ACEC and ACEC Committees.

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