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The Committee will help drive the engineering industry’s workforce agenda through identification, development, and execution of workforce related priorities, programs, and legislative advocacy efforts.

2023-24 Goals

The Workforce topic for the engineering industry is wide ranging – to support this goal, the committee will approach the various topics and goals based on three primary subcommittees of topics:

New and Future Workforce Subcommittee

  • Defining what the future workforce looks like in the industry including the expansion beyond the typical positions in the past.
  • Investing in STEM education, K-elementary (awareness), secondary education (exposure and interest, i.e. job shadowing, etc.) and post-secondary education (attracting, i.e. mentor intern, campus presence and messaging)
  • How to attract more people to the industry, both in engineer-degreed talent as well as other skill sets.
Retaining and Developing Current Workforce Subcommittee
  • Provide resources and playbook to member firms and MOs to promote development and increase retention.
  • How to train and develop those already in place and identify programs needed to support including career pathways and professional development.
  • How to retain and approach those already in industry, considering working environment; younger generation; mentorship; culture; and effective management.
  • How to better diversify our industry including leadership positions.
Legislative and Regulatory / Policy Workforce Subcommittee
  • Lifting the cap on H-1B visa and increase the time the visa is valid, recapture unused green cards, extending H-1B durations and extending OPT for additional years, and administrative reforms to process and prioritizing engineering.
  • How to continue to protect requirements for licensure to ensure safety, health, and welfare of the public.
  • Promote procurement reforms to enhance the ability of engineering firms to attract and keep talent, such as greater use of fixed-fee or lump-sum contracts by State DOTs.

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