ACEC Business Insurance Trust



Responsible for providing a business insurance program that is a benefit to the member firms. Reviews the policies and procedures of the ACEC Business Insurance Program, in accordance with the Trust Agreement. Monitors and recommends programs to promote member participation in the program, and assists in the promotion thereof. Reviews and advises the Executive Committee on the terms of agreement with the Administrator and the Insurance Carrier. Assists in developing and modifying underwriting guidelines. Members are appointed for up to two four-year terms.


2013 - 2014 GOALS:


  1. Conduct periodic reviews of program services and revise the range of services as warranted.
  2. Review underwriting guidelines at least annually and recommend changes when appropriate.
  3. Market the program through all practical means, including Engineering Inc., mailings, the Internet, and other media.
  4. Conduct periodic reviews of marketing efforts and make changes as necessary to increase the program’s marketing effectiveness.


The Trust shall make quarterly reports to the Chairman (copied to the President) on progress made in achieving its goals.

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