Contract Documents Committee



The purpose of the Contract Documents Committee is to develop model contracts that protect the business and professional engineering interests of ACEC members; consider recommendations for amended or new engineering model contracts; and participate in EJCDC contract development.


2017-2018 GOALS:

  1. Revise and update, as may be necessary, contract documents for procurement, engineering, construction, design-build, environmental and other areas to meet membership needs.
  2. Review standard documents relative to P3 project exposure of engineering consultants and provide language guidance to manage risk.
  3. Promote the use of standard documents within governmental and public works agencies through program activities, seminars, and articles, as appropriate.
  4. Continue to monitor industry trends and needs, and develop new documents as deemed appropriate by EJCDC and the Joint Administrative Group.
  5. Assist in coordinating EJCDC initiatives with other groups as appropriate.
  6. Work closely with the Legal Counsels Forum and other groups to identify and resolve emerging issues such as standard of care, indemnification, warranty, etc.

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