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Your ability to communicate effectively determines your potential influence more than any other skill you can develop — and you need to develop it. Because even though you’ve been talking since the age of two, that doesn’t mean you’ve been communicating.

Go beyond simply passing on information and become a seller of ideas.

Join Randy Anderson to learn strategies and tools to help you become more compelling, persuasive, and memorable. You’ll learn how to be a better listener as well as new ways to better engage people in the exchange. As a result, you can develop greater influence and deeper impact personally and professionally.


  • Learn strategies to become a more effective member of their team and a more valuable resource for their customers
  • Identify personal challenges and developmental ideas to become a better listener.
  • Evaluate how well they use constructive phrasing to engage others
  • Understand how to package and present their ideas and perspectives, in a way that people will understand, remember, and be motivated to act on
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Online Class

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On Demand, Online, Self-Paced

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