Business Management Online Classes

Details The Art and Science of Delivering Superior Customer Service
Charles McIntyre, Director of Marketing, Cochran, Inc. and Harold Glaser, Director of Business Development, Kennedy/Jenks Consultants
Details Attracting Clients: How to Market Your Firm with Every Conversation
Lynne Waymon, CEO, Contacts Count LLC
Details Building a Social Responsibly Program that Improves your Bottom Line
Donna Corlew, C*Connect
Details Campfire Stories: Claims Nightmares, Lessons Learned
Dan Buelow, Managing Director, Willis A&E ; Robert Stanton, CPCU, RPLU, ARM, Willis; and Tom Harkins, Willis
Details Connecting Client/Prospect Feedback to Organizational Improvement
Rich Friedman, Friedman & Partners
Details Creating a Financially Intelligent Culture through Open Book Management
Ty Kicklighter, President, Kicklighter Group
Details Engineering Compensation to Recruit, Retain, and Reward the Next Generation
Katy Young, Chief Operating Officer, Exact Source
Details ESOP Advantages to a Third Party Sale
Robert Massengill, Managing Director, Pilot Hill Advisors
Details ESOPs and Why Engineering Firms Love Them
Robert E. Massengill, Managing Director, Pilot Hill Advisors LLC
Details Find the Lost Dollars in Your A&E Firm
June R. Jewell, CPA, President AEC Business Solutions
Details Getting More Work from Your Existing Clients
June R. Jewell, CPA, President AEC Business Solutions
Details How to Avoid Organizational Amnesia: Transferring Employee Knowledge and Skills Before They Walk Out the Door
Dan Weedin, Toro Consulting Inc.
Details How to Create the Next Generation of Seller-Doers Without Just Throwing Them to the Wolves
Jim Rogers, Co-Founder, The Seller-Doer Academy for Civil Engineers
Details Increase Shareholder Liquidity without an ESOP: The Better Alternative
Michael O'Brien, Rusk O'Brien Gido + Partners
Details Intro to Lean: Continuous Project Delivery Improvement from Design to Construction
Kristin Hill, Inside Out Consulting
Details Introduction to Envision and Sustainable Infrastructure
Anthony Kane, Managing Director, Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure; Kevin Thornton, Associate, PSOMAS; and Kari Hewitt, CEM, LEED AP, ENV SP, Director of Sustainability, VHB
Details Mapping the Clients Mind: Building Client Loyalty and Avoiding Surprises
Mike Philips Philips Architecture
Details Maximum Productivity: Time Management and Time Budgeting Strategy
Randy Anderson, E3 Professional Trainers
Details Measure Twice, Cut Once, or Do it Over – Don’t Let the Waste Caused by “Failure Demand” Undermine Your Profitability
Mark Goodale, Principal, Morrissey Goodale LLC
Details Outlook 2013: Time-Saving Shortcuts and Productivity Boosters for Busy People
Bethanne Kronick, Productivity Strategist, Trainer, Speaker, Author & Energy Coach
Details Ownership Transition and ESOPs: Pros, Cons, Myths, and Misperceptions
Robert Massengill, Managing Director, Pilot Hill Advisors
Details Ownership Transition from a Seller's Perspective
Matthew K. "Matt" Fultz, Associate, Matheson Financial, Matheson Financial Advisors
Details Power Up Your Productivity! Effective Strategies to Put You Back in Control of Your Email
Bethanne Kronick, Productivity Strategist, SIMPLIFY
Details Retaining Great Marketing Talent in 10 Easy Steps
Frank Lippert, FSMPS, CPSM, Go! Strategies
Details Strategic Crisis Planning to Protect Your Company's Assets and Profit
Dan Weedin, Torro Consulting Inc.
Details Strategic Leadership and Management: Achieving Sustainable Growth and Profitability for Your Company
Gerry Salontai, PE, Salontai Consulting Group, LLC
Details Supercharge Your Team to Win the Race for Talent
Mike Phillips AIA, Founding Partner, Phillips Architecture
Details Take Control of Your Email: Outlook and Email Management Best Practices
Bethanne Kronick, Productivity Strategist, Trainer, Speaker, Author & Energy Coach
Details Three Ways to Increase Your Fees Now
June R. Jewell, CPA, President, AEC Business Solutions
Details Understanding Firm Value: Looking Beyond the Numbers
Matt Fultz and William McKenney, CPA, Matheson Financial, Matheson Financial Advisors
Details Using Culture, Values, and Service to Attract Clients and Win New Work
Charles McIntyre, Director of Marketing, Cochran, Inc. and Harold Glaser, Director of Business Development, Kennedy/Jenks Consultants
Details What is the Right Value for your Firm
David Cohen, Managing Director, Matheson Advisors and Owen R. Mayfield, CPA, Senior Financial Analyst, Matheson Financial Advisors, Inc.
Details Why Clients REALLY Select Your Firm
Mark Goodale, Principal, Morrissey Goodale LLC
Details Why Command and Control Doesn't Work Anymore – But Responsible Autonomy Does
Mark  Goodale, Principal, Morrissey Goodale LLC
Details Win/Loss Debriefs: Best Practices and Maximizing ROI
Rich Friedman, Friedman & Partners
Details Working Effectively on Multidisciplinary Projects as a Civil Engineer
Todd Hay, PE, CME, Regional Vice President, Office Director, Pennoni


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Capture Planning for the Win

Capture Planning for the Win is a step-by-step, scalable capture and pursuit management guide that will help you evaluate and improve your firm’s business development capabilities.Details

2019 Salary Survey of Engineering Firms (ZweigWhite)

The ZweigWhite 2019 Engineering Firm Salary Survey is the most up-to-date and comprehensive compensation survey report for engineering firms operating in every region of the U.S. Details


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