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October 4, 2019

ACEC/Massachusetts Hits 2019 PAC Fundraising Target

ACEC/Massachusetts Hits 2019 PAC Fundraising Target

For the 11th consecutive year, ACEC/Massachusetts has reached its ACEC/PAC fundraising goal.

“We have a team of three PAC champions who work with the leaders of our member firms,” said Robin Greenleaf, CEO of Architectural Engineers Inc. “Lisa Brothers from Nitsch Engineering, Dennis Coffey from HNTB, and I have worked together on this for quite a few years, with great support from the ACEC/MA Board of Directors."

Greenleaf stressed that the peer-to-peer contact has been critical to their success. In addition, the member organization ran a mini sweepstakes for the PAC at the annual EEA Awards Gala.

For more information about ACEC/PAC and ACEC’s political programs visit the ACEC/PAC website or contact ACEC Director of Political Affairs Jennifer Pugh.

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