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March 27, 2019

April 4 Online Class: Why ESOPs Work So Well at Engineering Firms

April 4 Online Class: Why ESOPs Work So Well at Engineering Firms

The engineering industry has more ESOP ownership than just about any other industry. According to Robert Massengill of Pilot Hill Advisors, there are a lot of reasons why.

ESOPs maintain an ownership culture and reward the people that create the value. They are friendly buyers of company stock. Transactions are planned and confidential. And ESOP transactions are very tax efficient.

In the April $ online class Why ESOPs Work So Well at Engineering Firms, Massengill will discuss why ESOPs are so compatible with engineering firms, how they work, and if an ESOP is a good fit for part of your ownership transition.

Massengill will address ESOP transaction structures and tax considerations; corporate governance in an ESOP company; ESOP plan rules and employee payouts; fiduciary considerations; valuation requirements and basic methodologies; and whether your firm right for an ESOP?

For more information and to register, click here.

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