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December 10, 2019

Online Class Highlight’s Diversity Positive Bottom Line Impact, December 12

Online Class Highlight’s Diversity Positive Bottom Line Impact, December 12

Many companies are incorporating Diversity and Inclusion into their business, but others still have questions: Why bother when we’re already having success without it? Is this more of a compliance thing that every company should have? How can this really help our business or is it just the right thing to do?

In the December 12 online class Diversity, Inclusion & Dividends 101, Armers and and Kyle Monocure of Neuro-Inclusion define and discuss diversity’s positive impact on your firm's innovation, productivity, and profits. You'll learn how to address diversity barriers and their implications on recruitment, turnover of diverse talent, and the inability to meet the needs of diverse consumers.

Participants in the session will:

  • Dissect “Diversity” and its impact on the workplace
  • Discuss the impact of D&I as a benefit to profitability & company culture
  • Understand the impact the absence of diversity has on innovation and society
  • Identify reports, industry practices and other resources that aim to improve D&I in organizations

Click here for more information and to register.

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