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May 6, 2019

Political Analysts Brazile and Perino Address Polarization, Infrastructure, Election at ACEC Convention

Political Analysts Brazile and Perino Address Polarization, Infrastructure, Election at ACEC Convention

FOX News analysts Donna Brazile and Dana Perino discussed the polarization of national politics, prospects for an infrastructure funding bill, and the presidential election at the 2019 ACEC Annual Convention in Washington, D.C. today.

"Too few Americans are voting," said Brazile, who is a former chair of the Democratic Party. "As a result, the most passionate people on either side are raising money and raising hell. The majority in the middle are just not engaged."

Both Brazile and Perino, who was press secretary for President George W. Bush, urged Conference attendees to make their voices heard. "Go go to the Congressional offices and to tell them about your work, your needs and the legislation you want to see passed," said Brazile.

"And let them know that you are going to support them when they have to make a tough vote," Perino said. 

They agreed that infrastructure is one of the top issues on Capitol Hill right now, but were not optimistic about passage of a major funding bill. Perino said Congress has a lot of contentious work to do in the coming months, such as raising the federal debt ceiling, and infrastructure might be a bridge too far.

"I'm looking to the governors and the state legislatures on infrastructure," said Brazile. "It's not going to happen on the federal level unless they get some help at the state level."

On the upcoming presidential election, Perino said President Trump has a better than even chance of reelection, given the strong economy and the advantages of incumbency, but "it's not a sure thing"

Brazile said that she expects Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, and one of the under-40-year-old candidates to make it to the final stretch.

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