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1. International Women’s Day Podcast: A Conversation with Linda Bauer Darr, Robin Greenleaf and Beth Bauer

In honor of Women's History Month and International Women's Day, the Engineering Influence podcast welcomed ACEC President and CEO Linda Bauer Darr, ACEC Chair-elect Robin Greenleaf, and NAECE President-elect Beth Bauer to the show to talk about the state of women in engineering and ACEC's efforts to make the industry more inclusive. 

Tags: Diversity, Podcast, Linda Bauer Darr
2. Looking to the Future: Research Institute Roundtable on Technology in Engineering

ACEC President and CEO Linda Bauer Darr extends an invitation to the first of the ACEC Research Institute's three expert roundtables on the Post-COVID-19 future of the engineering industry.

Tags: ACEC Research Institute, Linda Bauer Darr
3. President's Monthly Update--June 12, 2020
Tags: Linda Bauer Darr
4. ACEC President/CEO Darr's Weekly Letter Provides Paycheck Protection Program Update

In her weekly letter to members, ACEC President and CEO Linda Bauer Darr discusses the latest developments in the Paycheck Protection Program.


Tags: Linda Bauer Darr
5. Midstream Report on ACEC's R3 Virtual Advocacy Campaign

ACEC President and CEO Linda Bauer Darr provides an update on ACEC's Rescue Recover Rebuild virtual advocacy campaign.

Tags: Linda Bauer Darr
6. ACEC President's Monthly Update--May, 2020
Tags: Linda Bauer Darr
7. Letter from ACEC President & CEO Linda Bauer Darr: ACEC Launches Virtual Advocacy Campaign

Under the banner of of “Rescue, Recover, Rebuild,” ACEC National has launched a sustained virtual advocacy campaign focused on an infrastructure-first recovery agenda.

Tags: Linda Bauer Darr
8. National Officer's Remarks During ACEC Board of Directors Meeting

At the virtual ACEC Board of Directors meeting on April 25, ACEC Chair Charles Gozdziewski, Chair-Emeritus Mitch Simpler and ACEC President & CEO Linda Bauer Darr addressed the Board.

Tags: Linda Bauer Darr
9. ACEC President's Monthly Update--April, 2020

ACEC President & CEO Linda Bauer Darr reports on ACEC National's departmental activities and programs during the past month.

Tags: Linda Bauer Darr
10. ACEC's Darr Named to White House Economic Revival Industry Group

ACEC President and CEO Linda Bauer Darr has been appointed to the Construction, Labor and Workforce Great American Economic Industry Group by President Trump.

Tags: Linda Bauer Darr

Displaying: 1 - 10 of 36

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