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1. ACEC Maryland to Use Minuteman Grant to Campaign for Increased State Transportation Funding

ACEC has awarded a Minuteman Fund grant to ACEC Maryland to help defray the cost of a public awareness campaign calling for additional state transportation funding.

Tags: Minuteman Fund
2. ACEC/Washington to Use Minuteman Fund Grant to Protect Voter-Approved Transportation Funding

ACEC has awarded a Minuteman Fund grant to ACEC/Washington to help defeat Initiative 976, which would eliminate previously passed car registration fee increases for capital construction.

Tags: Minuteman Fund
3. ACEC Awards Minuteman Fund Grant to ACEC/Alabama to Defend Newly-Enacted State Infrastructure Funding

The Minuteman Fund has awarded a grant to ACEC/Alabama to defend recently passed state transportation infrastructure funding that is under attack in the Alabama Legislature.

Tags: Minuteman Fund
4. ACEC/Ohio Wins Gas Tax Fight

Governor Enacts New Gas and Diesel Tax Increases to Fund Infrastructure Improvements

Tags: Infrastructure Funding, Minuteman Fund
5. Minuteman Fund Helps ACEC/Florida Secure Victory in Landmark Legal Case for Engineering Industry

In a victory for ACEC/Florida and the Minuteman Fund, the Florida State Supreme Court declined to hear an appeal from an appellate court decision upholding the enforceability of contract terms protecting design professionals from liability for consequential damages and for the first time in Florida defining the broad scope of consequential damages.

Tags: Infrastructure Funding, Minuteman Fund
6. ACEC/VA & ACEC/Metro Washington Score QBS Victory With Minuteman Fund Support

Earlier this week, Virginia Governor Ralph Northam signed a new law to close a loophole in the state's Public Procurement Act that allowed local governments to exempt themselves from QBS and adopt their own tailored procurement acts allowing price into the selection methodology.

Tags: Minuteman Fund
7. ACEC Awards Minuteman Fund Grant to ACEC/Ohio To Push for Transportation Funding

ACEC/Ohio is a founding member of the FOR (Fix Our Roads) Ohio coalition, which represents over 40 organizations of business, local government and transportation industry leaders. This broad-based group seeks to educate Ohio citizens and policymakers on the critical needs of the state’s transportation infrastructure.

Tags: Minuteman Fund, Member Organizations, Transportation Funding
8. ACEC Awards Minuteman Fund Grant To ACEC/Arkansas To Protect QBS

ACEC/Arkansas will use an ACEC Minuteman Fund grant to defray the advocacy costs to defend the state’s QBS law.

Tags: Minuteman Fund, QBS

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