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1. ACEC Online Class: How Philanthropy Can Help Tell Your Firm’s Story

This session on August 12 will demonstrate how corporate philanthropy paired with authentic storytelling can help build your brand. 

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2. ACEC Online Class Offers Best Practices for Presenting on Virtual Platforms, August 5

In the August 5 online class How to Present on a Virtual Platform, Speechworks President Joey Asher to demonstrate how you can effectively present on any virtual platform. 

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3. ACEC Online Classes Next Week: Ransomware Attacks and Emerging Risks for Engineering Firms

ACEC's two online classes next week will be Ransomware: Securing Your Network From Attack and Emerging Risks for Design Firms.

Tags: Online Class
4. ACEC Online Class Next Week on Risks, Pitfalls and Opportunities in Construction Administration

When it comes to construction administration, every design firm faces common pitfalls, but there are also opportunities that you may be overlooking.

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5. ACEC Online Class Will Look at Mid-Year M&A Outlook for Engineering Firms

In the June 29 online class Back in the Saddle – Mid-Year M&A Outlook for Engineering Firms, Steve Gido of ROG Partners will discuss the macro industry and economic trends and observations as well as forces driving consolidation among firms today

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6. Next Week's ACEC Online Class: Dealing with Difficult Conversation and the Post-COVID Engineering Industry

Next week's ACEC online classes will be Dealing With Difficult Conversations: Communication, Conflict and Other Snafus and A Sober Look at the Post-COVID Engineering Industry.

Tags: Online Class
7. Next Week's Online Classes: Thought Leadership and Why M&A Deals Fail

ACEC will present two online classes next week: Putting Thought into Thought Leadership on June 8 and Why M&A Deals Fail on June 9.

Tags: Online Class
8. Next Week's Online Classes: Managing Conflict and Presenting in a Virtual World

Among next week's ACEC online classes, Ted Gerber, president of the Addison Resources Group, will share practical tools to manage tensions and resolve conflicts within teams, between functions, and throughout your firm.

Tags: Online Class
9. Next Week's Online Classes: Mastering the SF-330 and Building Effective Teams

ACEC will present two online classes next week: Mastering the SF-330 – A Key Step in Winning Government Business on Tuesday, April 13; and A Proposal for Building Purposeful Teams on
Thursday, April 15.

Tags: Online Class
10. Next Week's Online Classes: Professional Development Plans, High-Growth Firm Secrets, Ethical Decision-Making

Among the ACEC online classes next week, Gerard Cavaluzzi of Kennedy/Jenks Consultants will review professional and ethical conduct guidelines and applicable standards of practice.

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