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1. ACEC Government Affairs Update Podcast: Matt Reiffer Discusses the $2.25 Trillion American Jobs Plan

On the latest Government Affairs Update on the Engineering Influence podcast, ACEC Vice President for Transportation Programs Matt Reiffer breaks down the $2.25 trillion American Jobs Plan and discusses its prospects in Congress.

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2. Podcast Discussion: Mick Morrissey on the Inflow of Private Equity into Engineering Firms

Why is private equity investing in engineering firms and what makes a firm attractive to these investors? On the latest Engineering Influence podcast, Mick Morrissey, managing principal of Morrissey Goodale, discusses the reasons behind the accelerating flow of private equity capital into engineering firms.

Tags: Podcast
3. Government Affairs Update Podcast: Infrastructure Action and Earmarks

On this week's Government Affairs Update on the Engineering Influence podcast, ACEC Transportation Programs Vice President Matt Reiffer covers new congressional action on infrastructure as well as the possible return of earmarks in the House.

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4. ACEC celebrates National Surveyors Week by welcoming COPS Chair Joe Romano to the Engineering Influence Podcast - Copy

Joseph Romano, a principal at Langan Engineering and Environmental Services and chair of ACEC’s Coalition of Professional Surveyors, came on the Engineering Influence podcast to talk about National Surveyors week and the surveying sector.

Tags: Podcast, Coalitions
5. ACEC Government Affairs Update Podcast: PPP Credits Clause and Buttigieg to Lay Out Administration's Infrastructure Agenda

On this week's episode, the podcast welcomes back ACEC Advocacy SVP Steve Hall to talk all things PPP, including a preview of next Tuesday's Small Business Committee hearing on the FAR Credits Clause and a newly scheduled T&I hearing featuring Secretary Buttigieg on the Biden Administration's infrastructure agenda.  

Tags: Podcast
6. Podcast Conversation with Matheson Financial Advisor's Matt Fultz about Valuing Your Firm

Matt Fultz, a principal at Matheson Financial Advisors, came on the Engineering Influence podcast to talk about firm valuations, discussing the key factors in valuation, the steps to take to sell a firm, the most likely buyers, and why you might want to start the process today.

Tags: Podcast
7. ACEC Government Affairs Update Podcast Breaks Down $1.9 Trillion Relief Law, Updates PPP Credits Clause Efforts

On today's Government Affairs Update, ACEC Advocacy SVP Steve Hall recaps the provisions of the $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan and discuss the rescheduling of the House Small Business Committee hearing on the PPP FAR credits clause now set for March 23rd. 

Tags: Podcast
8. International Women’s Day Podcast: A Conversation with Linda Bauer Darr, Robin Greenleaf and Beth Bauer

In honor of Women's History Month and International Women's Day, the Engineering Influence podcast welcomed ACEC President and CEO Linda Bauer Darr, ACEC Chair-elect Robin Greenleaf, and NAECE President-elect Beth Bauer to the show to talk about the state of women in engineering and ACEC's efforts to make the industry more inclusive. 

Tags: Diversity, Podcast, Linda Bauer Darr
9. Engineering Influence Podcast: Simon Goodhead of the Coxe Group Discusses How to Boost Employee Retention

Simon Goodhead, principal of The Coxe Group, a management consultancy in Atlanta, GA, came on the Engineering Influence podcast to discuss the challenges of employee retention in engineering firms and the high cost of failing to meet those challenges.

Tags: Podcast
10. Government Affairs Update Podcast: Reverse Industry Day With the EPA

ACEC Environmental and Energy Programs Director Lynn Schloesser discusses ACEC's first ever Reverse Industry Day between the ACEC Water, Energy and Environment Committee and Environmental Protection Agency.  

Tags: Federal Procurement, Podcast

Displaying: 1 - 10 of 73

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