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December 2, 2019

Team Effort Pushes Illinois Past Annual ACEC/PAC Fundraising Goal

Propelled by a fundraising raffle at their November Fall Conference, ACEC Illinois reached its annual ACEC/PAC goal last week. The MO has achieved that milestone every year since 2005

“Illinois members see the intrinsic value in a strong, well-financed advocacy effort at both the state and federal level,” said ACEC IL President/CEO Kevin Artl. “Through the years, Illinois has developed a solid team of PAC Champions who not only support the PAC but are able to articulate its importance to new members—a critical component to developing a wider base of support.”

For more information about ACEC/PAC and ACEC’s political programs, visit the ACEC/PAC website or contact ACEC/PAC Director Jennifer Pugh.

All comments to blog posts will be moderated by ACEC staff.


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