Vol. XXXIX, Number 24 - June 20, 2018
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ACEC's Raymond Attributes Failure to Pass Infrastructure Legislation to "Lack of Political Will"

In an interview focusing on infrastructure funding with the website InfrastructureUSA, ACEC President/CEO Dave Raymond pointedly stated that Congress and the Administration currently lack the political will to pass significant increases in infrastructure funding.

Despite all the talk about $1 trillion infrastructure programs during the last presidential campaign, Raymond said, "There's really nothing more going on today than there was some years ago."

He said the necessary investment won't occur until the American public becomes more fed up with the nation's crumbling infrastructure than they are today.

"I'm generally optimistic," he said. "I'm just not in a whirl of optimism about what's going to happen in the short term."

To read the entire interview, click here.


ACEC Submits Statement Supporting Licensure for Engineers

ACEC and the National Society of Professional Engineers (NSPE) submitted a joint statement at a Congressional subcommittee hearing today supporting strong licensing standards for design professionals.

"A professional engineer’s foremost ethical responsibility is to protect public health, safety, and welfare, and the current licensing system for engineers throughout the country is designed to ensure this protection," according to the statement.

The House Education and Workforce Subcommittee on Higher Education and Workforce Development held the hearing to address occupational licensing and barriers to economic mobility. Witnesses and Subcommittee members focused on how to achieve the right balance between public safety and economic opportunities. There was also discussion of portability of licenses across state lines, particularly to accommodate military spouses who move frequently.

To view the ACEC/NSPE statement, click here.


House, Senate Advance Water Funding Bills

The House and Senate appropriations committees are advancing spending bills that modestly boost federal funding for water and wastewater projects.

As part of a larger spending bill that funds Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) programs, the Senate Appropriations Committee allocated $2.86 billion for the State Revolving Fund (SRF) programs for water and wastewater, a slight increase over current funding. The measure provides $63 million for the Water Infrastructure Finance and Innovation Act (WIFIA) program, which could leverage more than $6 billion in loans for water infrastructure.

The bill provides $1.1 billion for the Superfund program, maintaining the 2018 funding level. Consistent with recommendations from the ACEC report Superfund 2017, the committee called for more meaningful performance measures and program improvements.

The House bill provides $2.6 billion for the SRF programs, while increasing funding for the WIFIA and Superfund programs relative to the Senate bill.

Floor consideration for both measures are expected before the end of July.


ACEC Coalitions Update Strategic Plan at ACEC HQ

ACEC's Coalition Leaders held a two-day retreat at ACEC headquarters in Washington, D.C. last week to update their three-year strategic plan. Guided by Rod Hoffman and Barb Smith of S & H Consulting, they reviewed the current plan, addressed current challenges facing Coalition members, and identified emerging trends the leaders can use for future programming.

Association Health Plan Changes Finalized; ACEC Life/Health Trust Protected

ACEC’s Life/Health Trust will be protected under the Department of Labor’s (DOL) final rule on the regulation of association health plans (AHPs).

In March, ACEC and the ACEC Life/Health Trust submitted comments on the proposed AHP rule, raising concerns that the proposal would make it difficult for the Trust to serve firms with more than 50 employees. The final rule responds to those concerns, permitting existing AHPs like the Trust to continue operating as they have.

The rule also opens the way for organizations that currently lack an AHP to create one by allowing groups to qualify based on geographic ties, as well as business associations, and allows sole proprietors and their dependents to purchase health insurance through an AHP.


Submit Your Firm’s Innovative Waterfront Restoration Projects to Engineering Inc. by July 13

The November/December 2018 issue of Engineering Inc. will spotlight Member Firm’s innovations in waterfront restoration.

If your firm has designed an innovative waterfront restoration project that you’d like to be considered for in this special Engineering Inc. section, e-mail the information below to Engineering Inc. Staff Editor Andrea Keeney by Friday, July 13, 2018:

In a one- or two-page document, submit the following: project name and location; project overview, including unique aspects/challenges; a project photo; and the name, title, phone number and e-mail address of the Member Firm executive to be interviewed for the project profile. The project can be under construction or recently completed.

If you have any questions, contact Andrea Keeney.


ACEC/Indiana Supports U.S. Representative André Carson

U.S. Representative André Carson (D-IN), a member of the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure, recently met with ACEC/Indiana Vice President Shelby Swango of WSP USA in Indianapolis.

Register Now for ACEC's Pathways to Executive Leadership Program

ACEC's 2018 Pathways to Executive Leadership program provides in-depth instruction on how to lead an A/E firm, giving participants the skills necessary to think strategically in their markets, build effective teams, and deliver great customer service.

Registration is now open and spaces are limited.

The program spans six months, beginning in October at the 2018 ACEC Fall Conference in Las Vegas and ending in April at the 2019 ACEC Annual Convention in Washington D.C., and includes both onsite and online sessions.

Pathways to Executive Leadership is designed for for mid-career engineers at the cusp of firm leadership. It fills the gap between ACEC’s Business of Design Consulting program and the Senior Executives Institute.

Faculty includes Geordie Aitken of the Aitken Leadership Group and Rod Hoffman of S & H Consulting.

For more information and to register, click here.


June 28 Online Class: Pursuing “Winnable Work,” Not “Wish-Lists”

The key to maximizing your marketing and business development ROI is finding and pursuing winnable work. Yet most firms’ market analysis doesn’t identify specific clients and opportunities that you can actually win.

In the June 28 online class, Pursuing “Winnable Work,” Not “Wish-Lists”, Jeff Berk of JBA and Don Sherman of the Don Sherman Group will show you how to perform a winnable market analysis, develop a vetted opportunity portfolio, make progressive, strategic go/no-go decisions, and commit time and resources to the right opportunities.

For more information and to register, click here.



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21—Identifying and Developing Your Future Business Development Leaders, by Rich Friedman, Friedman & Partners. What should you look for when identifying future business development talent—both from within and during the hiring process?

26—Spearin and the Standard of Care: How Good Does a Design Have to Be?, by Kevin O’Beirne, manager, Standard Construction Documents, Arcadis, and Gerard Cavaluzzi, vice president & general counsel, Kennedy/Jenks Consultants. How good does a given design have to be to be consistent with applicable contractual provisions and applicable case law?

27—Public Outreach and Communications: A True Value-added Service for Your Clients, by Greg Goodwin, president, G2 Marketing, LLC. The presentation focuses on how to reach out to and educate the public, build consensus, and earn buy-in from important stakeholders—all while facilitating the completion of the project.

28—Pursuing “Winnable Work,” Not “Wish-Lists”, by Jeff Berk, president, JBA and Don Sherman, Don Sherman Group. The presenters will show how your firm can increase your marketing and business development ROI.


10—The Prominent Role of the AIA’s BIM/Digital Practice Documents in the AIA 2017 Contract Document, by Jeremy Baker, Construction Law Group, Schiff Hardin. The presentation will explain how Digital Practice Documents can help manage risks posed by the rapidly evolving ways we now transmit, use, and rely on digital data.

11—Taking Stock of the Engineering Industry in 2018—The Economic and Market Trends Shaping the Industry, by Greg Powell, managing director, Investment Banking, FMI Capital Advisors, Inc. The presenter will take a closer look at the key market drivers that shaped the industry in 2017 and what to watch for during the rest of 2018

18—Up, Up and Away - M&A Trends, Tactics, and Outlook for Engineering Firms, by Steve Gido, ROG Partners. Steve Gido will assess the current M&A environment, highlight recent notable transactions, examine typical deal structures and scenarios, discuss valuation trends, and look at what’s driving buyers and sellers today.

19—Big Data, Neural Meshes, & Probabilistic Forecasting: Are We Really Improving Decision Making?, by JD Solomon, Principal, CH2M. Learn how to improve diagnostics and forecasting using big data and also examine several case studies ranging from ecosystems in the natural environment to transportation and utility systems in the built environment.

25—Engineering Infrastructure for a Changing Climate—Business and Technical Impacts, by Paul Chinowsky, Department of Civil, Environmental, and Architectural Engineering, University of Colorado. This webinar introduces an emerging sector that could provide new planning, design and construction work—both domestic and international—for A/E firms.

31—Take Control of Your Time: Strategies and Solutions to Boost Productivity and Efficiency, by Bethanne Kronick. Gain strategies and solutions that will boost your productivity and efficiency. You’ll walk away with tips you can use the same day as the training.


2—Neuroselling: Engage the Brain to Trigger the Buy, by Bryan Gray, Revenue Path Group. The presenter will demonstrate how brain science and a simple three-step process can separate your firm from the pack in your clients' mind and win the pitch.

7—Taking Your Board to the Next Level, by Gerry Salontai, Salontai Consulting Group, LLC. Gerry Salontai will help you determine how your firm's board of directors sizes up and where there may be an opportunity to improve your business.

30—Working Effectively on Multidisciplinary Projects as a Civil Engineer, by Todd Hay, regional vice president, Pennoni. Todd Hay will show you how your firm can more effectively cross market, communicate between departments, and draft proposals for multidisciplinary projects.