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We are the Nevada Member Organization of the National ACEC which is headquartered in Washington, DC. We were incorporated to protect the public, ensure ethical and professional standards, promote harmony, cooperation, and mutual understanding among independent consulting engineers engaged in private practice, and cooperate with other organizations, public agencies and clients on issues affecting the engineering community or general public. Our membership is made up of consulting engineering firms and we exist to assist owners, principles and managers of member firms to develop successful businesses. This differentiates us from all other engineering associations and societies.

ACEC of Nevada's membership is mainly made up of consulting engineering firms represented by their principles and/or owners. Our Associate Members are professional services firms not otherwise engaged in the practice of consulting engineering; including providing services such as architecture, planning, testing services, etc. Our Affiliate Members include firms that provide support services such as business insurance, legal and accounting, equipment supplies, etc. For a list of all our current members, please click here. And for a description of the benefits of being a member of the ACEC click here.

For more information about ACEC of Nevada, please contact: Dawn Miller (Executive Director)


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