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This MEP/FP Safety Outline is a document describing safety considerations that should be reviewed and discussed prior to the start of field work, site surveys, or construction site visits. This document only provides a generic outline of topics to be reviewed; a full company-specific safety plan should be developed based on the work being performed. This publication should be utilized by all personnel, regardless of experience or seniority. Occupational safety is critical to the continuity of business operations for firms of any size. Workplace accidents and injuries can be long lasting for those involved, can cripple a client’s project, and can leave the reputation of a company in ruins because of a simple oversight or complacency around hazards in the workplace.

The below outline should be reviewed, developed, and adapted on a case-by-case basis as a company/project specific plan based on the types of work performed. It should be further developed based on the skills of your employees and added to a training schedule. The goal of the outline below is to ensure occupational safety is considered in all situations including, but not limited to, the office, work on a client’s site for a survey, or active construction. Given that no two work settings are the same, this document cannot be considered “all-inclusive.” Rather, this should be considered as a guideline for occupational safety hazards that may be encountered. Each firm is ultimately responsible for adhering to all local, state, and federal laws and for ensuring the health and safety of their employees. Each firm should consult with a safety professional for further guidance on how to best mitigate the hazards associated with the work they perform and review their Insurance policy/coverage.
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December 20, 2022

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