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CASE #3 – An Agreement between Owner and Structural Engineer as Prime Design Professional

The Structural Engineer of Record, when serving in the role of Prime Design Professional or as a Consultant, may find it necessary to retain the services of a sub-consultant or architect. This agreement provides a form that outlines the services and requirements in a matrix so that the services of the sub-consultant may be readily defined and understood.

As of 2019, all CASE Sample Contract Agreements were legally reviewed by outside counsel and the following changes were made:

What’s New:
Termination provision
State-by-state drafting questions and considerations

What’s Updated:
Clarified insurance obligations
Modified indemnity provisions
Limitation of liability provisions
Dispute resolution provisions
***Updated in November 2021 to include a Force Majeure clause.

Available for immediate download. Hard copy not available.

CASE Sample Contracts

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December 7, 2018

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