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CASE Tool 10-2: Construction Administration Log 

The CASE Tool 10-2 Construction Administration Log includes the following key features. 
  • The Log is developed in Microsoft Excel to allow individual firms to modify it as needed for their own practice. It is not “locked”. 
  • Comments are provided throughout the document with hints on how to use the tool. 
  • There is a User Notes tab with special instructions on use and instructions on how to modify the document for your own needs. 
  • It includes basic information about the project, project team, RFI and submittal response methods, and RFI and submittal time limits that are linked to other areas of the Log. 
  • It provides a summary of outstanding items for an easy determination of what has not yet been responded to by the structural engineer. 
  • A separate tab for the RFI Log with key information on each RFI such as number, description, reference, dates, impacts to the project, RFI classification, and links to the RFI and sketches. 
  • A separate tab for a Sketch Log to organize and directly link to all structural sketches. 
  • A separate tab for a Shop Drawing and Submittal Log with similar information to the RFI Log.
The RFI and Submittal Log is not intended to be an industry policy or standard of practice but is a suggested format that can be modified for your firm’s particular practice. 
Available for immediate download. Hard copy not available.
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December 7, 2018

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