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In the structural design profession, engineers learn project management in an ad-hoc manner as they advance from purely technical tasks to situations that require management skills. Often self-learning combined with one-on-one mentoring are the only things that develop the management skills of engineers as they acquire more responsibility. Learning in this fashion can result in project management practices that vary greatly with the individual’s exposure to various project and mentorship experiences. A management training program that provides a formal indoctrination into a firm’s preferred management practices and into the firm’s values as reflected in those practices can be a powerful tool that can increase the firm’s effectiveness and profitability. Adequate training can also increase employee satisfaction to the extent that it increases the level of comfort with management activities that can be stressful if not executed efficiently. 

 This tool consists of a sample syllabus in the form of a matrix that lists subject matters in rows and objectives in columns. The matrix is broken up by individual spreadsheet tabs that contain material for each phase of a project.
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December 7, 2018

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