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EJCDC® CMA‑500 2021,
Agreement between Owner and Engineer for Professional Services (when Owner
retains a Construction Manager as Advisor), is a special-purpose edition of
EJCDC® E‑500 2020, Agreement between Owner and Engineer for Professional
Services. CMA‑500 is intended for use by Owner and Engineer when the Owner has
retained, or will retain, a Construction Manager as Advisor (this formal title
is typically shortened in CMA‑500 to “Construction Manager”: see definition of
“Construction Manager as Advisor” at Main Agreement, Paragraph 7.01.A.15) to
assist Owner in planning for construction and administering the construction
contract. CMA‑500 defines the scope of the Engineer’s role and services in the
context of a project in which the Construction Manager will also be providing
services to the Owner.

As noted on the front cover of this document,
EJCDC® CMA‑500 is published in two parts: (1) this part, the CMA-500 Main
Agreement form, and (2) the CMA‑500 Exhibits document.

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Contract, EJCDC Document


September 8, 2021

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