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EJCDC E-564: Agreement Between Engineer and Geotechnical Engineer for Professional Services 

Available for immediate download in MS Word format. Hard copy not available. 
Revised 2015. Formerly 1910-27B. 
An engineer would use this document when contracting with a geotechnical engineer for continuous services during design and construction of a project. It is endorsed by the Association of Engineering Firms Practicing in the Geosciences. This document is specifically drafted to address the scope of work and risk allocation issues of importance in the provision of geotechnical services. It may be used for investigative geotechnical services as well as design and construction-phase geotechnical work. For situations in which the project owner prefers to retain the geotechnical engineer directly, EJCDC publishes EJCDC E-530, Agreement between Owner and Geotechnical Engineer for Professional Services (2010 Edition). The geotechnical-related content of E-530 is similar to that contained in the E-564 subagreement.
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January 3, 2019

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