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Available for immediate download in MS Word format. Hard copy NOT available. 

EJCDC® E-580, 2017 Teaming Agreement to Pursue Joint Professional Services Opportunity, is intended for use on a collaboration of two professional service firms, such as two engineering firms, or an engineering firm and an architectural services firm, that have decided to join forces to pursue a business opportunity. Such collaboration leverages the resources of each firm, giving the joint venture the advantage of both firms’ professional licensing, technical skill-sets, available staff, market knowledge and other expertise advantageous to their pursuit. 

EJCDC’s Teaming Agreement to Pursue Joint Business Opportunity was previously an adjunct to a longstanding EJCDC document, the Joint Venture Agreement for Professional Services, which as of 2017, is published as EJCDC® E-590. The new stand-alone Teaming Agreement is a versatile document, suitable for creating professional teams for a wide variety of project-pursuit purposes.
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Contract, EJCDC Document


January 3, 2019

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