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Our Mission

Our activities and initiatives are designed to:

Educate, empower, and mobilize our members, proactively and defensively 
as appropriate, to influence federal legislative, regulatory, and political outcomes;

Provide a forum for sharing and promoting leading-edge business practices and networking; and

Influence the agendas and priorities of major professional, trade and construction-related organizations.

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Helped to create a National Audit Guide for use by State DOTs based on the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR)

Joined Government Withholding Relief Coalition to fight and repeal the 3% withholding tax on government contractors

Co-sponsored Amicus Brief on Nevada Supreme Court economic loss doctrine

Assured that redeemable stock in private firms would not be classified as a liability rather than equity which would destroy the equity of every private firm, including ESOPs

Repealed a tax compliance mandate that would have resulted in additional 1099 reporting

Annual update of Strategic Plan to ensure continued success of DPC

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DPC Advocacy Center

You can make a big difference in just 5 minutes! Learn the issues that affect our business and your company, and give your opinion to lawmakers and agencies. The actions of our government have an enormous impact so take action!

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