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Geoprofessional Coalition

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The Geoprofessional Coalition represents the unique needs of firms that offer geoprofessional services. Our goal is to strengthen the business environment and image of the geoprofessional industry with clients, agencies and other engineering professionals.

The Coalition focuses on providing quality developement services for both the private and public sectors. The Coalition works with other industry associates outside of the engineering realm, and acts as an advocate for member firms, addressing the issues influencing geotechnical consulting.


  • Provide business practice programs and information for geoprofessional firms
  • Provide a peer to peer forum for firms to express their own business concerns
  • Develop liaison relationships with client industry associations
  • Monitor trends and changes in the industry to help firms maintain and enhance profitability
  • Monitor legislative and regulatory issues that affect geoprofessional activities — assist in advocacy efforts by ACEC where needed

By connecting with other geoprofessionals and sharing best business practices, members are able to improve their management expertise as well as increase business efficiency and overall profitability.

Geoprofessional Coalition Membership Benefits include:

  • 24/7 access to a library of publications and tools that will increase business effiency and overall profitability for firms, while helping to reduce firm and project risk. 

  • Access to an extensive network of knowledgeable professionals whose experience helps member firms uncover new business opportunities, troubleshoot issues, and share best practices.
  • Connection with the ACEC Community group
  • Exclusive sponsored events at ACEC conferences and conventions, with expert advice on how to make profitability a top priority


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