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Digital elevation model. GIS 3D illustration made after proccesion

About GEO

The Geoprofessional Coalition represents the unique needs of firms that offer geoprofessional services.

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By connecting with other geoprofessionals and sharing best business practices, members can improve their management expertise and increase business efficiency and overall knowledge of our industry. Member benefits include:

  • Business practice programs and information for geoprofessional firms.
  • Peer-to-peer forum for firms to express their business concerns.
  • Develop liaison relationships with client industry associations.
  • Monitor trends and changes in the geoprofessional industry.
  • Monitor legislative and regulatory issues that affect geoprofessional services — assist in advocacy efforts by ACEC where needed.

Member Feedback

Jeff Gebhard

As a founding member of GEO, it has proven an invaluable asset for our business and expanded our network of contacts.

Braun Intertec
Minneapolis, MN

Jeff Gebhard Portrait