Council of American Structural Engineers

CASE is a national association of structural engineering firms. It provides a forum for action to improve the quality of structural engineering through enhancement of business practices, decreased professional liability exposure and increased profitability.

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CASE is a gathering of over 200 firms nationwide that come together and work to craft guidelines and contracts that delineate what we are suppose to do, as well as a host of risk management tools aimed at showing us how to keep our liability under control and in check. Our mission is to make structural engineering firms successful by reducing claims, increasing profitability, improving quality, and enhancing management practices.

Please browse through these pages and find risk management tips, sound business practices, model contracts, risk management tools, learning opportunities both on line, in publications and at convocations, meetings and conventions.

Join CASE today and benefit from free access to materials of significant value and opportunities to get involved in advancing the practice and raising the bar on the quality of the profession. We are looking forward to working with you.

Andy Rauch
Chairman, 2013-2015

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