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Why Your Structural Department or Firm Needs to Belong to ACEC and the Council of American Structural Engineers

The Council of American Structural Engineers (CASE) is a national association of structural engineering firms. CASE provides a forum for action to improve the business of structural engineering through implementation of best practices, reduced professional liability exposure and increased profitability.

Benefits of CASE Membership

  • Free access to contracts covering various situations as well as accessing guidance on AIA documents.
  • Free national guidelines for the structural engineer of record, designed to help corporate and municipal clients understand the scope of services structural engineers do and do not provide.
  • Free access to tools which are designed to keep you up to date on how much risk your firm is taking on and how to reduce that risk.
  • Biannual CASE convocations dedicated to Best Practice structural engineering.
  • Free subscriptions to both Structure Magazine and the bi-monthly Business Practice and Risk Management Newsletter.
  • Free downloads of all CASE documents 24/7.

For a membership application, click here.


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