Download the Advocacy Handout

Download the resource ACEC is providing for meetings with lawmakers and their staff.  The QR code on the handout will take you to a linkage on the Internet where all of the advocacy resources are kept for easy access and digital didistribution.


Download ACEC's Advocacy Priorities Booklet

The Advocacy Priorities Booklet contains more detailed information on each of ACEC's legislative goals.


Protect R&D Innovation

ACEC one-pager on the R&D tax amortization issue.



Successful Implementation of the IIJA

One pager on the IIJA implementation.


Expanding the Talent Pipeline

One pager on the engineering workforce challenge.

The Impact of the Engineering & Design Services Industry - State by State

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Click on the map below to access a state-by-state breakdown of the engineering and design services industry's economic impact on the nation. The data included on each state sheet was produced by the ACEC Research Institute.