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The Minuteman Fund, ACEC’s legal/legislative war chest for state advocacy issues, has helped Member Organizations for over 25 years to protect and advance the interests of the engineering industry.  Established in 1996, the Fund has supported many M.O. victories, including the protection of QBS; the establishment of the Economic Loss Doctrine in Nevada; beating back professional sales tax on engineering services; legislative issues, legal defense, and the passage of many state infrastructure funding referendums.


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Both firms and individuals may contribute to the Fund. Help us to help you! Show your support for the Fund by checking off the Minuteman Fund box on your dues invoice, or send a contribution by check payable to ACEC to Minuteman Fund/Accounting Department, ACEC, 1400 L Street, NW, 4th Floor, Washington, D.C. 20005-2605.

MO Requests for Minuteman funding must meet the following requirements: 

The complete list of funding criteria follows:

  1. The issue(s) for which funding is requested must potentially affect a large segment of the Membership or otherwise have significant precedent-setting implications.
  2. The Member Organization must demonstrate its own political commitment to the effort.
  3. The Member Organization and/or its Member Firms should make a reasonable financial commitment to the issue for which it is seeking a Minuteman Fund grant.
  4. The Member Organization should include a voluntary check-off on its Member Firms’ dues invoices for contributions to the Minuteman Fund or in some other equally systematic and regular way, encourages its Member Firms to contribute to the Fund.
  5. The funding request must be submitted prior to the conclusion of the legal or legislative action by the Member Organization for which Minuteman funds are solicited.
  6. Funding may not be provided for reimbursement of Member Organization funds already expended.
  7. Funding requests for defraying the costs of ordinary or routine Member Organization advocacy efforts shall be subject to more detailed scrutiny, including a review of the M.O. budget.  Such grant requests are not intended to be annual awards or expenditures.
  8. The Member Organization should demonstrate its commitment to ACEC advocacy efforts, both state and national, including making progress in meeting its ACEC/PAC goal.

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