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Expanding the Engineering Workforce

The engineering profession has always been grounded in integrity, fairness, and service to community. Engineers build communities. We create space, and by extension, we create the social experience. We support equality and respect for all humankind. We believe in providing equitable opportunities within our profession to support untapped potential within our workforce and the communities we serve. And we have the power to foster progress by breaking down the physical barriers that can inhibit economic and social equity.

Those are the principles that guide our community through this difficult time. Through ACEC, we will embrace inclusion and diversity and continue to focus our members on ways to lift people to become their best selves and to make our companies models of the values we embrace.

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Join ACEC's Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging Committee

The purpose of the Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging Committee is to work to ensure that ACEC is a welcoming organization where all members are included, involved, and have the opportunity to pursue key roles in the life of the Council.

Insights from Member Firm Leaders

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Access Resources on DEI&B

Below are several resources you may find valuable in exploring DEI&B and the engineering and design services industry.  Since the DEI&B space is constantly changing and evolving, this list of resources will be updated to reflect the most current research and thinking on the issue.

State-Based Resources

The following ACEC Member Organizations offer resources on DEI&B on their websites.

ACEC Massachusetts
ACEC New York
ACEC Rhode Island
ACEC Wisconsin
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Industry, Association and Research Center Resources