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The purpose of the Committee is to work to ensure that ACEC is a welcoming organization where all members are included, involved, and have the opportunity to pursue key roles in the life of the Council.

2023-24 Goals

  1. Identify legislative and regulatory policies that advance diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging among the member firms consistent with the Council’s longstanding support for qualifications-based selection.
  2. Collaborate with the Business Resources and Education Committee to recommend educational programming that helps ACEC members expand diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging within member firms.
  3. Assist in the development of materials to better inform all ACEC members about the various paths to leadership in the National Council.
  4. Work with the Membership Committee to track trends among ACEC members and collaborate with EFCG to review and provide input on their industry-wide survey metrics.
  5. Develop partnerships with professional organizations that represent diverse communities.
  6. Assist the Council in its efforts to provide appropriate communication tools and best practices about diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging for the membership and collaborate with the M.O. Executive Directors and M.O. Boards.
  7. Develop opportunities for ACEC members from underrepresented groups to connect with the Council and each other.

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