Executive Committee

Gary W. Raba, P.E., D.Eng


John A. Rathke, PE, SE, FACEC


Elizabeth Stolfus, P.E., FACEC


Derek Clyburn, P.E.


Dan Meckes, P.E.


Erica Jensen, PE, PTOE


Sean McCone, PE, CCM


Non-Voting Members of the Executive Committee

Linda Bauer Darr Portrait

Linda Bauer Darr


Jay Wolverton, P.E.


Adam Jones


Meet the 2024-2026 Incoming ExCom Members

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Member Organization Leadership and National Directors

All ACEC Member firms enter the Council via their local Member Organization (MO). National Representatives from each MO comprise the ACEC's Board of Directors.



ACEC offers both open and appointed committees. Committees undertake a wide range of activities, including recommending legislation and regulations to promote and protect the engineering industry; providing essential information on engineering business issues; reviewing and recommending business products and services that benefit member firms; and overseeing the performance of ACEC programs.

Leadership Opportunities

Would you like exciting opportunities to grow professionally, bring a fresh perspective to industry issues and take an active role in the leadership of the Council? Consider engaging in ACEC leadership.

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Past Chairs

W. Arthur Barrett, II2022-2023
Robin Greenleaf2021-2022
Charles Gozdziewski2020-2021
Mitchel Simpler2019-2020
Manish D. Kothari2018-2019
Sergio A. Pecori2017-2018
Peter M. Strub2016-2017
Ralph W. Christie2015-2016
Richard C. Wells2014-2015
Gregs G. Thomopulos2013-2014
Ted C. Williams2012-2013
Terry F. Neimeyer2011-2012
Timothy G. Psomas2009-2010
Gerald Stump2010-2011
John F. Hennessy III 2008-2009
Orrin B. "Mac" MacMurray2007-2008
Jeff M. Daggett2006-2007
Edward J. Mulcahy2005-2006
William S. Howard2004-2005
Daniel J. DeYoung2002-2003
Stephen G. Goddard2001-2002
Arlo J. Spiess2000-2001
Leo F. Peters1999-2000