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Your firm made the shortlist – now what?

Despite looking otherwise, the selection process becomes more subjective when it reaches the shortlist interview stage. Don’t just rehash your proposal highlights; tell prospects that they want to know:

  • What will it be like to work with you?
  • Is there a good fit here?
  • Can we trust this team to come through for us?

For the last 25 years, Mel Lester has delivered an 80%+ success rate with his unique, 5-step contrarian strategy to prepare teams for shortlist interviews. Join him to learn how to differentiate your own firm from the also-rans, and lay the groundwork for big project wins in the near future.


Why getting your team comfortable is more important than polishing their presentation
How to turn your presentation into a two-way conversation, and why you should
What you should and shouldn’t be talking about during the presentation
One of the most important things you can talk about is something your competitors won’t
Why you should address your shortcomings proactively and how

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