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Due diligence is a critically important piece of purchasing another business. Yet too many owners get caught up in the exuberance of expansion and end up limiting their examination to financial aspects and condition, ignoring other necessary areas of inquiry in which landmines may be hiding.

This is particularly true in private transactions involving non-publicly traded companies where the much, if not all, of a target company’s information, is not in the public domain.

Join Forrest Passerin to take a closer look at the due diligence process. You’ll learn what areas to focus on and how to organize and go about performing this critical function.

By implementing an effective and organized due diligence process, you’ll put yourself in a position to analyze the critical factors that determine whether or not the acquisition you’re considering will be successful and help you avoid unnecessary surprises after the acquisition is complete.


  • Understanding what due diligence is and why it is important
  • What to look for when conducting due diligence and how to perform effective due diligence in legal, financial, and operational areas
  • How due diligence fits into negotiating a purchase agreement

Presenter: Forrest Passerin, Partner, Leech Tishman

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