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Drones provide bridge inspectors with detailed views of areas that are usually challenging to access by rope or with UBIT Trucks. With this, detailed procedures are required before performing a proper drone inspection, due to the large amount of data captured, including photo and video (as with live load when a train crosses the bridge).

Join Steven Youschak and ARE’s UAS Team as they share their experiences in using drones to inspect major bridges. Using the KNWA Ohio River Bridge and the Pat Tillman/Hoover DamBypass Bridge as case studies, the ARE team will walk you through the planning, deployment, onsite setup, and inspection process. You’ll also examine current limitations and potential future technology advancements that assist in this process.


  • Understand the Principles of UAS Technology
  • Identify the main challenges of bridge inspections utilizing drones
  • Review important factors to consider when choosing appropriate equipment
  • New technologies that improve the process moving-forward

Presenter: Steven Youschak, EVP, American Rail Engineers (ARE Corp), Sam Johnson, UAS Operations Director, Ian Ray, Director of UAS Technology, and Nick Ray, Lead UAS Pilot/Bridge Inspector

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