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Tuesday, October 3, 2023, 1:30 PM – 2:30 PM (Eastern)

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You can design, build, and operate smarter facilities without spending more money. In fact, you’ll likely end up spending less.

Smart building solutions offer owners a tremendous amount of possibility–the use of fewer building materials, better performance and functionality, lower cost to operate and maintain, better security, more and better amenities, greater occupant comfort, and, for workplaces, a boost in team productivity.

But few owners are aware of all this potential. As a result, even fewer are able to capitalize on the full intelligence afforded by “smarter” buildings. The root of the problem is often too much focus on the technology–not enough on the goals behind its use. The results? Owners and facility executives install technology solutions with little thought to integration and interoperability–factors that determine just how smart building technology can be.

The Telecommunications Industry Association director, smart buildings program, Marta Soncondi and Drew Deatherage, a smart buildings expert and security and telecommunications industry veteran, will walk participants through a framework that will help them understand and make informed decisions about smart technology solutions for reaching their goals–be they about lowering the costs of building and operating schools, improving student outcomes, bolstering security, and, in so doing, raising student and staff well-being. Participants will also learn an integrated approach, one that involves getting stakeholders involved early on, that helps ensure goals are met and the right experience is created even with tight budgets.


  1. A framework and process participants can use to define, discover, and deliver
  2. How smarter buildings deliver more value to owners, design teams, and tenants–at a lower cost
  3. The most common obstacles to smart buildings–and how to overcome them
  4. Where to start and how

Presenters: Drew Deatherage, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, CRUX and Marta Soncodi, Director of the Smart Buildings Program, The Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA)

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