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Available on 5/13

The value of an engineer is being tested beyond the traditional skills and business models that we’ve become used to. Science, data, and design have become the primary risk reduction strategies to combat the worldwide pandemic.Yet the pandemic has also created new challenges for engineers, especially surrounding:

  • Internal operations (remote work, tactical/strategic planning, healthcare market growth)
  • Client/customer/project solutions (social distancing, mechanical system innovations, contact tracing)
  • Field operations (robotics, VIM)
  • Value growth (digital assets)

Join Paul Doherty for an exploration of the science, data, and designs that are leading the way to provide immediate solutions to safely open the world’s economy while providing prepared solutions for the unforeseen Age of the Pandemic. You’ll leave this 90-minute session ready to:

  • Identify pandemic challenges, especially for interior environments
  • Recognize the effects of pandemics in regard to culture, process, and relevancy
  • Implement workflows and techniques to fit your unique situation
  • Begin to develop how work gets done based on the new reality of the Age of Pandemics

Presenter: Paul Doherty, RA, CDT, IFMA Fellow President & CEO, the digit group

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