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Each year most firms spend 2-10%+ of net revenue on bonus programs yet industry studies show that 76% of employees believe their employer’s bonus program needs improvement. Using your best judgment to determine your employee’s annual bonus will never generate a significant ROI! ​​​​​​​

The best firms have learned that a bonus program is not just a magical spreadsheet but a multifaceted and continuous approach that ensures your firm thrives regardless of outside forces.

Join Chandra Storrusten and Ryan Jolley to learn how you can really put your bonus dollars to work. You’ll hear how one firm focused on five critical elements to drive the ROI of their program and increased their firm’s profitability by over 100% in less than two years!

During this 60-minute session, you’ll also be provided with resources to benchmark your firm’s bonus program against industry leaders and learn what you can do immediately to improve your results.


  • Learn the five key focus areas that drive the ROI of bonus programs
  • Explore how well industry leaders’ bonus programs perform and how well your firm’s bonus program stacks up
  • Understand specific actions you can take to improve your firm’s bonus program to drive immediate improvements in firm performance

Presenters: Chandra Storrusten, CEO & Chief Value Creation Officer, Visible Value and Ryan Jolley, VP, Strategy & Client Success of Jones & DeMille Engineering

Ryan Jolley, PE is an owner and VP, Strategy & Client Success of Jones & DeMille Engineering. In this role, he spearheads strategic projects to improve client and employee experience and firm performance. In 2017, this included the development of a continuous performance management solution that helped the organization thrive by rewarding individual performance and their impact on profitability. Based on the platform’s success in motivating its team members, increasing client and employee engagement and retention, and improving company profitability, the solution was spun out of the firm into a new company. Ryan is now leading a dual life serving as a co-founder and CEO of this organization, ourlinQ™.

Chandra Storrusten co-founded Visible Value in 2003 and is CEO & Chief Value Creation Officer. She fosters sustainable value creation strategies that allow organizations around the globe to capitalize on pivotal opportunities during growth, transition, and transformation. Chandra’s clients become innovative leaders, achieve their vision, and consistently out-perform their competition. She helped one of these clients, Jones & DeMille Engineering, develop their continuous performance management solution and spin it out into a new company. Now Chandra also serves as a co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer of this organization, ourlinQ™.

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