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In a very real way, Generation Z is seeing the world differently than any generation that’s come before. And while they’re often lumped in with Millennials, Gen Z—born 1996 to 2010—has emerged as a distinct cohort that’s shifting the workplace in profound ways.

Never having known a time without the internet, these true digital natives are resetting expectations for communication, engagement, and motivation at work.

From ghosting to Facetuning to Bitmoji resumes, Hannah Ubl takes you into the Gen Z mindset, the ways they may shift the future of work, and how you can adapt to meet the changing tides.


  • Gain strategies to recruit and retain the youngest generation at work
  • Learn why the human element will be even more critical for engaging these digital natives
  • Understand the “why” behind the “what” of Gen Z behavior and motivation
  • Identify tools to navigate the most current and critical workplace trends

    Presenter: Hannah L. Ubl, Co-founder, Good Company Consulting

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